TK Construction, Inc. does not want the construction development of your new project to be stressful. That’s why we have a specialized process that guides you every step of the way. This six step break-down simplifies the procedure and makes it less overwhelming. During each step, our staff is here to happily answer any questions and offer our expert advice.



During this initial stage, clients will meet with TK Construction, Inc.’s owner/president, Todd Klippa. Project and trade ideas will be discussed and Todd will ask a variety of questions to determine how your new space will be used. This question and answer session is instrumental in evaluating your needs and desires and then implementing the appropriate plan of action.


Creating a budget is one of the most important aspects of any construction project. From day one, TK Construction, Inc. will focus on what YOU want and will figure out how to best achieve it within YOUR budget. Quality will never be compromised.If you have a project in mind but are unsure where your budget should fall, TK Construction, Inc. will help you create the preliminary budgetary numbers. We make sure all of the details are ironed out before proceeding to the actual design.


If you already have existing plans, we will work with your designer or architect to prepare a detailed price quote. If you don’t have plans, TK Construction, Inc. will put together a design contract. The design build allows you to work with our experts to create your vision. You are involved in each aspect of the design process.We make sure that your project reflects your wants, your needs, and your individual personality. Design build enables you to have one point of contact which streamlines the process of construction. In this step, the customer selects the products to be used for the project. Our team at TK Construction, Inc. will guide you in choosing the best materials from the best suppliers in the area. We will schedule appointments with professionals to help with your selections, all of whom will be made aware of your budget.


This is the point where the customer will execute the contract with TK Construction Inc. In this phase, the customer is introduced to the project manager. The project manager will discuss with the client what to expect during the project. Along with the project manager, a team of TK Construction, Inc. professionals, and other trade professionals, will begin the pre-construction process. This is the step where the contract will be signed. Once pre-construction begins, our Operations Manager, Samantha, will show you how to use Builder Trend. Builder Trend is our cloud based project management app that allows for easy communication, daily updates, as well as a calendar of events.Having access to this unique and comprehensive app allows you to check on your project as many times a day as you would like, from home or while on-the-go.


This is the day your dream project starts to come to life. TK Construction, Inc. staff and other professionals will be on site. There will be continuous communication throughout the process in the office and on site. Samantha will keep you organized and balanced with your budget through the process.


Prior to closing, our Project Manager (PM) will familiarize you with the features, systems, and equipment in your new home. Our PM will also show you how to maintain the various finishes used throughout your home and identify any cosmetic defects that need to be corrected prior to your move. Repair of subsequent cosmetic damages (chips, dents, scratches, etc.) will be your responsibility.


You will receive a copy of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. These guidelines are provided for you to ensure you are receiving the best quality of work and to be used as a reference when creating a Final Punch List and Workmanship Warranty items.


Punch List Items: We will make every effort to correct all items on the punch list prior to your move in. If subcontractors need to be scheduled or materials need to be ordered, you should expect completion within fifteen (15) business days unless access to your home is difficult to schedule.


Workmanship Warranties:

30-day workmanship warranty: As you settle into your new home you may discover items that require service after your Final Punch List had been signed off. Please keep a cumulative list of those items, so that we can correct everything in one visit. Requests for service must be in writing. Please complete the 30-Day Warranty List and fax or scan back to our office. We will be in touch with you to let you know the list is due. ONLY EMERGENCY ITEMS CAN BE TAKEN OVER THE PHONE. Emergency items are those things which make the home uninhabitable, such as plumbing, heating, electrical, security problems, etc. Manufacture warranties will not be address in the workmanship warranty, any product warranty will be covered by the manufacture. Please refer to your manufacture warranty for policy of products purchased.


11-month workmanship warranty: Because your warranty period expires one (1) year from closing, we like to get a head start on year-end requests. Therefore, please keep a list of anything that may come up from our 30 day warranty visit until then. We ask you to use in exactly the same manner as the 30-day forms. Please note that everyday wear and tear items are not covered in this warranty.


Service Calls: After your one (1) year warranty expires we are still here for you. If you need work done past your one (1) year warranty with TK Construction Inc. we will come out on a service call for a fee to assist you.


Correction Time:We normally make all corrections on 30-day and 11-month service requests within fifteen (15) business days. The most common causes of delays are scheduling problems with the home owner and subcontractors. The more flexible you can be on scheduling, the sooner the work will be done.


Our Process is easy, convenient, thorough, and made to eliminate any stress or worries you may be experiencing throughout the stages of your project. Allow TK Construction, Inc. to guide you through your next exciting construction or remodeling endeavor and rest assured you will be more than satisfied with the results!